Rabi-Ribi Wikia
The Sorceress with a Lust for Research
First Appearance Prologue, Rabi Rabi Beach
Species Human
Hair Salmon
Eyes Blue

Ashuri (or Ashley) is Rumi's good friend, who's known throughout the island for her passion of magical research. Though she may seem casual and loose, she's actually a very dependable person. Wielding a flying broomstick, she maintains Rabi Rabi Island's barrier with Rita and Pandora.



Ashuri has very long salmon hair worn in twin-tails with red and black pointed ornaments. Her straight cut bangs and pointed forelocks frame her face. She has sharp blue eyes. Usually she has a witch hat on.

Her attire is compose of a black and white revealing mini-dress with tiny straps exposing part of her navel region, along with a shawl held with a red bow, white and black gloves, and a pair of black stockings that have a frilly trim and garter straps. She wears red Mary-Jane pumps with ankle straps.


Accused of being a pervert for spying on others and observing them, Ashuri insists its only for research purposes. She takes a heavy interest in Erina and would like to experiment on her.


Abilities and Powers[]

Ashuri is a fairly powerful witch who casts spells from her wand to hold her own in combat. She also utilizes her broom by charging into her opponents while riding it.


  • Magic Wand: Ashuri's primary weapon of choice: a classic magic wand.
    • Blue Burst: Ashuri fires a quick round of blue bullets.
    • Red Burst: Ashuri fires a quick round of red bullets. The bullets come out of the wand in a circular motion.
    • Blue Columns: Ashuri takes out her wand as five crosshairs appear on the ground. Blue columns of energy appear from the sky and crash to the ground. The same thing happens immediately after, except one more column's added.
    • Yellow Beam: Ashuri points her wand outward and a flash of yellow, star-shaped light is emitted from it. A beam of yellow energy that spans the field is then fired from it.
    • Homing Stars: Ashuri fires multiple star-shaped bullets that home in on Erina.
    • Donut Blast: Ashuri jumps into the air multiple times and fires donut-shaped bullets that expand outward at the peak of every jump.
    • Magic Circle: Ashuri summons a green magic circle that fires a series of bullets and beams.
    • Twinkle Rain: Ashuri's desperation move. She jumps upwards offscreen and fires a multitude of star-shaped bullets that rain down on the field.
  • Broomstick: Ashuri's mode of transportation and secondary weapon; a broomstick like the ones stereotypical witches ride.
    • Joyride: Ashuri hops on her broomstick and flies back and forth across the field multiple times.