Rabi-Ribi Wikia

Badges are found throughout the game and can be equipped to provide various bonuses. Each badge has a PP (Pack Point) cost.

Badge Image In-game description PP cost Found in
Health Plus
Health Plus.png
Max. Health +7.5% 4 Rabi Rabi Beach
Health Surge
Health Surge.png
Max. Health +12.5% 6 Sky-High Bridge
Mana Plus
Mana Plus.png
Max. MP +12.5% 3

Natural Aquarium

Mana Surge
Mana Surge.png
Max. MP +20% 5 Rabi Rabi Ravine
Crisis Boost
Crisis Boost.png
Attack +25% when HP less than 20% 8 The Library
ATK Grow
ATK Grow.png
Attack damage output +1⁻2. Faster BP recovery

if greater than 10 badges equipped.

5 Golden Riverbank
DEF Grow
DEF Grow.png
All damage taken -1⁻2. Drop a recovery carrot if

greater than 10 badges equipped.

3 Rabi Rabi Park
ATK Trade
ATK Trade.png
Attack +25%. Damage taken +50%. 6 Rabi Rabi Park
DEF Trade
DEF Trade.png
Damage taken -20%. Attack -15%. 3 Starting Forest
Arm Strength
Arm Strength.png
Piko Hammer attack +15% 5 Spectral Cave
Carrot Boost
Carrot Boost.png
Carrot Bomb attack +10% and more SP recover

from Carrot Bombs.

4 Azure Snow Land
Reduce enemies' invincibility time after getting hit. 4 Exotic Laboratory
Self Defense
Self Defense.png
Increase Erina's invincibility time after getting hit. 4 Azure Snow Land
Reduce knockback from attacks and reduce

collision damage.

4 Golden Pyramid
Lucky Seven
Lucky Seven-0.png
Deal 107% or 177% on every 7th hit. 7 Sky-High Bridge
Hex Cancel
Hex Cancel-0.png
No damage for every 6th hit taken but amulet

charge drained for 3 seconds.

6 Sky-High Bridge
Pure Love
Pure Love.png
In Boss Battles, take almost no collision damage

from female enemies.

6 Sky Island Town
Toxic Strike
Toxic Strike.png
Add a poison effect to all attacks. 8 Aruraune's Grove
Frame Cancel
Frame Cancel.png
Cancel the fifth Piko Hammer Combo by pressing DOWN. 6 Golden Riverbank
Health Wager
Health Wager.png
Max. MP +37.5%. Max. Health -25%. 4 Floating Graveyard
Mana Wager
Mana Wager.png
Max. Health +17.5%. Max. MP -32.5%. 4 Starting Forest
Stamina Plus
Stamina Plus.png
Reduce all SP usage by 25%. 7 Aurora Palace
Increase Bunny Amulet recharge speed. 8 Forgotten Cave II
Hitbox Down
Hitbox Down.png
Reduce Erina's hitbox size. 8 The Library
Increase EN gained from enemies 8 Evernight Peak
Endure a fatal hit if HP is greater than 1 point. 9 Floating Graveyard
Top Form
Top Form.png
Resist "Speed Down", "Attack Down", "Defense Down", and "Numb" effects. 8 Sky Island Town
Tough Skin
Tough Skin.png
Resist "Toxic", "Curse", and "Burn" effect. 8 Spectral Cave
Erina Badge
Erina Badge.png
Dmg. taken -10%. Item effect +20%. Hold BUTTON 2 to extend Hammer Combo V. 9 Rabi Rabi Town
Ribbon Badge
Ribbon Badge.png
MP Usage -15%. Hold BUTTON 3 after releasing a charged shot for repeated shots. 9 Rabi Rabi Town
Auto Trigger
Auto Trigger.png
Auto use Bunny Amulet if charge is 2 or above, drains all

MP and SP.

8 The Library