Rabi-Ribi Wikia
The Poor Cat-Eared Inventor
First Appearance Prologue, Starting Forest
Species Cat
Hair Orange
Eyes Orange

Cocoa is an impoverished catgirl. While Rumi has helped her out in the past, Cocoa works hard to be independent. It's rumored that all her resources go into developing and building her bombs but nobody has asked her about it yet...



Cocoa is a young catgirl with short golden-orange framing her face, along with matching cat ears and tail. She has downward slanting auburn eyes. She wears a pair of goggles on her head.

Normally, Cocoa wears a pink lined dress with black and pale orange cat heads around the bottom and white trim, accenting the upper-portion of her outfit. She also wears black boots and a pair of black and pink stripe stockings, a bracelet, and a pale brown and pink purse with a cat face on the flap.


While she doesn't have any magical prowess, Cocoa is very smart with a fondness for things like explosives and pyrotechnics. She strongly dislikes rabbits or fans of them.


Abilities and Powers[]

Cocoa's one of the very few inhabitants on the island to have no supernatural abilities. She makes up for it, however, by being skilled with explosives. Thus, her fighting style amounts to lobbing bombs of various properties at her opponents.

Attacks (First Battle)[]

  • Black Firecracker: Cocoa throws a small black cherry bomb that explodes in a flash of blue crackles.
  • Jumping Shot: Cocoa jumps into the air and fires three red bullets down at the ground. She occasionally does this after throwing a Black Firecracker.
  • Green Cat Drone: Cocoa unleashes a drone shaped like white cat head with a green propeller sticking out the top in the air. The drone fires barrages of blue bullets down at the ground.
  • Purple Cat Drone: Coca unleashes another cat drone, this time with a purple propeller. This one fires bullets more quickly and randomly.
  • Bomb Hell: Cocoa's desperation move. She throws big red bombs on either side of her, which explode into large red columns that rise up into the sky.

Attacks (Second Battle)[]

  • Red Flash Bombs: Cocoa tosses three red bombs that explode in a small flash, one at a time.
  • Black Flash Bombs: Cocoa throws multiple black bombs to either side of her, which all explode in a large flash simultaneously.
  • Yellow Pillar Bombs: Cocoa jumps into the air and tosses four yellow bombs that explode into small pillars of red light that travel across the field.
  • Blue Bombs: Cocoa throws four blue bombs that explode in a flurry of blue donut-shaped bullets, one at a time.
  • Jumping Shot: Cocoa jumps in the air and fires red bullets, except this time they form a circle that expands outward. Usually does this after throwing Black Flash Bombs, but sometimes does it without using it to follow up another attack.
  • Big Red Bomb and Cat Drones: Cocoa throws a red bomb that explodes in a big red column of energy that fires three rounds of two red bullets. As she throws the bomb, she tosses six cat drones into the air: five have blue propellers, while one has a yellow propeller. The blue ones home in on Erina and explode in a big blue flash on the ground, while the yellow one operates like the Green Cat Drone in the first battle and fires three rounds of blue bullets down at the ground, then flies away.
  • Blue Cat Drone: Cocoa tosses a cat drone with a blue propeller in the air, which fires five rounds of blue homing bullets at Erina.
  • Yellow Cat Drone: Cocoa tosses cat drone with the yellow propeller from her Big Red Bomb and Cat Drones attack, except it only fires once and then flies away.
  • Purple Cat Drone: Cocoa tosses a cat drone with a purple propeller that stays close to the ground and emits short bursts of purple bullets.
  • Red and Blue Pillar Bombs: Cocoa jumps into the air and tosses two bombs--one red, one blue--that explode into pillars of energy that travel across the field.
  • Blue Kamikaze Cat Drones: Cocoa tosses multiple cat drones with blue propellers into the air, except these drop to the ground and explode in big flashes of blue light, just like the ones in her Big Red Bomb and Cat Drones attack.
  • Black Cat Drone: Cocoa tosses a cat drone with a black cat head and a green propeller in the air, which fires green lasers randomly.
  • Ultimate Bomb Hell: Cocoa's new desperation move.



  • In appearance and name, Cocoa resembles Cocoa from Is the Order a Rabbit?
    • Personality wise, she is similar to Sharo. Being poor, repelled by rabbits, hardworking.
  • It was said that in a future update of the game, Cocoa will be Playable.
    • This would make her the first non-Protagonist of the game to be playable.