Rabi-Ribi Wikia

On this page you'll find various tips on making Erina and Ribbon's adventures a lot easier.

Navigating Terrain[]

Travelling around the world requires a little acrobatics. You may even find yourself having trouble progressing past certain parts of the game. Making sure to use all available items, as you will need them to get around. The GIF below is a good example of doing so; click it to enlarge.


How to make EN[]

Some times you may find yourself a little under-equipped, or perhaps a little burnt out on dying too much to the same boss. Fortunately, a few spots around the world are well-suited for rapidly farming up a lot of money. Click the images below to see a preview.

Area: Rabi Rabi Ravine

Best accessed: Early-game

Accessibility: Very close to a teleporter.


Area: Aruraune's Grove

Best accessed: Mid-game

Accessibility: Takes time to get to, easy to leave. Save point nearby.


Area: Icy Summit

Best accessed: End-game

Accessibility: Very close to a teleporter, but requires a few items to access. Can be accessed from below or from the left.


Area: Hall of Memory

Best accessed: End-game

Accessibility: Somewhat remote location. Very high yield so if you stick around and farm up, it'll be very worth it.

Hall of memory.png