Rabi-Ribi Wikia

There are many items for both Erina and Ribbon to use. While many are scattered around the world, a good portion can be bought and upgraded at Miriam's Shop...


Item Image Obtained In-game Description
Fire Orb
Fire Orb.png
in Volcanic Caverns Allows Erina to inflict collision damage.

Allows Erina to go through ice blocks. Fireballs appear around Erina when SP reaches zero. Don't worry, it's not that hot.

Water Orb
Water Orb.png
in Aurora Palace Allows Erina to freely move underwater.

Erina can already breathe underwater somehow...

Nature Orb
Nature Orb.png
in Aruraune's Grove Reduces damage by 20% when HP falls below 20%.

It looks like a plain green orb

Light Orb
Light Orb.png
in Starting Forest Strengthens Ribbon's Yellow type attack.

Illuminate dark places!

Piko Hammer
Piko Hammer.png
in Starting Forest It looks small on the screen, but it's actually bigger than Erina.

Warning: This is not a toy.

Carrot Bomb
Carrot Bomb.png
in Starting Forest Allows Erina to use the Carrot Bomb.

Damage inflicted recovers SP. Warning: Not for consumption

Bunny Amulet
Bunny Amulet.png
from Rumi as a gift in

Rabi Rabi Town

This is Erina's ultimate attack.

At least one sphere needs to be fully charged to use. SP recovered after use and resets penalties for super carrot and bunny strike.

Super Carrot
Super Carrot.png
in Icy Summit Allows Erina to use the Super Carrot attack.

While charging, damage taken is increased by 50% Temporary invincibility after usage. That is not a face of mercy.

Air Jump
Air Jump.png
in System Interior

Allows Erina to double jump. Other than that, it's a nice pair of blue slippers.

Rabi Slippers
Rabi Slippers.png
in Rabi Rabi Park Increases Erina's jump height by 33%.

Not actually made from rabbits.

Sliding Powder
Sliding Powder.png
in Exotic Laboratory Allows Erina to slide on the ground without hurting

her legs. Thank goodness.

Bunny Strike
Bunny Strike.png
from Miriam as a gift in

Rabi Rabi Town

Allows Erina to use Bunny Strike.

Repeated use in a short time will reduce attack damage. Not a lot of thought was put into the name...

Wall Jump
Wall Jump.png
in Spectral Cave Allows Erina to use Wall Jump.

Jump everywhere!

Air Dash
Air Dash.png
in Sky Island Town Allows Erina to use Air Dash.

She needs to be in the air to do this. Wonder if Ms. Fox can do this...

Bunny Whirl
Bunny Whirl.png
in Golden Riverbank Allows Erina to use the Piko Hammer in the air.

Now they can't bully you anymore!

Hammer Roll
Hammer Roll.png
in Evernight Peak Allows Erina to use a roll attack with the Hammer.

Roll them down!

Hammer Wave
Hammer Wave.png
in Rabi Rabi Ravine Allows the Piko Hammer to execute a ranged attack.

Don't forget about Ribbon!

Speed Boost
Speed Boost.png
from Miriam as a gift in

Rabi Rabi Town

Increases Erina's movement speed.

Some bunnies just have to go fast.

Soul Heart
Soul Heart.png
in Miriam's shop Allows Erina to see the HP of non-boss enemies.

No more wasted combos!

Spike Barrier
Spike Barrier.png
in Evernight Peak Reduces damage from spikes.

Spikes hurt a lot!

in Golden Pyramid Increases the Carrot Bomb's effect duration.

Are these getting better than Cocoa's bombs?

Strange Box
Strange Box.png
in Rabi Rabi Town This strange box is from Syaro.

It can detect certain things.


Item Image Obtained In-game Description
Sunny Beam
Sunny Beam.png
in Rabi Rabi Beach Allows Ribbon to use Yellow type attacks.

Wield the power of the sun!

Chaos Rod
Chaos Rod.png
in Golden Pyramid Allows Ribbon to use Purple type attacks.

Spread chaos across a wide area!

Healing Staff
Healing Staff.png
in Miriam's shop Allows Ribbon to use Green type attacks.

Recover 2% MP for every hit. Recover 1HP for every two hits from charged attacks.

Explode Staff
Explode Shot.png
in Golden Riverbank Allows Ribbon to use Red type Magic.

Recover some SP for every hit from a charged attack.

Carrot Shooter
Carrot Shooter.png
in Hall of Memory Allows Ribbon to use Orange type attacks.

The lower the HP, the higher the attack damage.

Pew, pew, pew!

Quick Barette
Quick Barrette.png
in Azure Snow Land Increases Ribbon's charging speed by 100%.

A small accessory with a powerful effect!

Max Bracelet
Max Bracelet.png
in Miriam's shop Allows Ribbon to use Max. Boost attacks.

Unlock Ribbon's true form!

Charge Ring
Charge Ring.png
in Forgotten Cave I Allows Ribbon's charged shot to be double charged.

Just hold for longer and wait for it...

This is the powerful magic Ribbon's been waiting for.

Plus Necklace
Plus Necklace.png
in Evernight Peak Increases the frequency of Ribbon's rapid shot

by increasing the number of shots per round.

Auto Earrings
Auto Earrings.png
in Floating Graveyard Allows Ribbon to use rapid shot while charging.

These are really, really tiny... Please don't lose them.

Book of Carrot
Book of Carrot.png
in Miriam's shop Allows Ribbon to generate BP over time.

It's filled with an unknown script...

P Hairpin
P Hairpin.png
in Plurkwood All attack damage increased with the Combo amount.

It looks a little crooked.

Cyber Flower
Cyber Flower.png
in System Interior Increases Boost/Max. Boost attack range and allows it

to go on until MP runs out. Max. Boost MP usage +20%. Boost MP usage by 100%. This looks like Syaro's hairpin...

Rumi Donut
Rumi Donut.png
in Miriam's shop Consumable. Recovers 20% HP and 100% BP, MP, and SP.

Recovers 1 Bunny Amulet. Quite good.

Rumi Cake
Rumi Cake.png
in Miriam's shop Consumable. Recovers 70% HP.


Gold Carrot
Gold Carrot.png
in Icy Summit Consumable. Recovers 100% HP.

Tastes better than a normal carrot.

Cocoa Bomb
Cocoa Bomb.png
from Cocoa in

Rabi Rabi Town

Consumable. Greatly damages enemies.

Cocoa makes these in her spare time. It is not known how she gets the materials.

Health Up
Health Up.png
around the world, and

in Miriam's shop

Max. HP increased by 20.

1% added to max HP for every character unlocked. Strawberry flavored.

Mana Up
Mana Up.png
around the world, and

in Miriam's shop

Max. MP increased by 4.

Max. SP increased by 1.5%. Boost recovery after a successful hit +3%. Blueberry flavored.

Regen Up
Regen Up.png
around the world, and

in Miriam's shop

MP recovery increased by 5%.

Max. SP increased by 2.5%. Bunny Amulet recovery speed +1. Apple flavored.

Pack Up
Pack Up.png
around the world, and

in Miriam's shop

Max PP increased by 3 points and 1 additional PP per character encountered in Rabi Rabi Town.

Lemon flavored.

Attack Up
Attack Up2.png
around the world, and

in Miriam's shop

Piko hammer damage +5%.

Carrot Bomb damage +10%. Ribbon attack increased by 2.5%. Purple flavored.