The Graceful Dancer
First Appearance Prologue, Rabi Rabi Town
Species Fox
Hair Green, Blue, Red
Eyes Green, Blue, Gold

Kotri is known for her beautiful dance skill and efforts she puts into maintaining it. She often gets caught between her two close friends Rumi and Irisu, and goes after Erina thinking she is bullying Irisu.

She dresses differently depending on the type of dance she's doing. You can fight her green version at Rabi Rabi Park, her blue version at the Floating Graveyard, and her red version at the Volcanic Caverns, after defeating her the previously two times.

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Kotri has medium-length hair worn loose with a pair of tails held up by two gold bands. Her choppy bangs frame her upper-face and she has thin, short forelocks. Her hair is normally pink and her eyes gold, but they can also appear blue or green. She has fox ears and a tail.

Her attire resembles that of a belly dancers, composed of a lilac and white bikini top with dangles hanging around the bottom, several pieces of gold jewelry, and puffy mauve pants with the inner-thigh cut out. Around the waist is lilac fabric with gold detail hanging on the left hip. She wears dark brown and gold flats.

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