Rabi-Ribi Wikia

Warp Points[]

Below is a list of all the possible places Erina and Ribbon can warp to via the normal teleporter.

Aurora Palace.png Azure Snow Land.png Evernight Peak.png Exotic Laboratory.png
Floating Graveyard.png Forgotten Cave II.png Golden Pyramid.png Golden Riverbank.png
Hall of Memory.png Icy Summit.png Natural Aquarium.png Rabi Rabi Beach.png
Rabi Rabi Park.png Rabi Rabi Ravine.png Rabi Rabi Town.png Sky Island Town.png
Sky-High Bridge.png Spectral Cave.png Starting Forest.png Volcanic Caverns.png

Other Areas[]

Below is a list of areas that need to be manually traveled to.

Aruraunes Grove.png Plurkwood.png Forgotten Cave I.png
System Interior.png The Library.png


Below are a number of maps revealing each fully explored region with all items:

  • Health up
  • Mana up
  • Pack up
  • Regen up
  • Attack up
  • Badge
  • Equipment/Skill
  • Boss
1.png 2.png
3.png 4.png
5.png 6.png
7.png 8.png
9.png 10.png