Rabi-Ribi Wikia
The Seductive Night Hunter
First Appearance Chapter 4
Species Succubus
Hair Pink
Eyes Purple

Lilith is a succubus and the boss of Sky Island Town.



Lilith is a succubus with purple and black demon wings, smaller wings on her head, and tail. Her purple eyes are sharp, and she has long pink hair with a heart clip on the side. She has pointed ears and wears a pair of earrings.

Her outfit consists of a bra and panties worn beneath a black lace nightie that has a heart on the corner, along with a black collar, light red and gold opera gloves to match her heels, and black stockings.


Lilith is always out looking for cute girls she can have some fun with. She dislikes it when her advances get rejected.


Abilities and Powers[]

Lilith relies on heart magic to hold her own in combat, firing hearts of various sizes at her opponent. She uses her wings to her adventage by flying high in the air, making it hard for Erina to hit her.

  • Heart Bomb: Lilith fires a pinkish-white heart into the air. The heart explodes into six smaller hearts, and those hearts explode into rings of energy that expand and dispese into a multitude of bullets.
  • Deadly Kisses: Lilith jumps into the air and flies in place, then fires segments of energy in an X-shaped formation. The segments fire blasts of energy that encompass the field in the form of giant X's.
  • Heart Beams: Lilith jumps into the air and flies in place, then emits a bit of energy that fires a laser beam, one at a time. Some of the beams will ricochet off the side of the field.
  • Cupid's Arrows: Lilith jumps high into the air and flies in place, then fires a multitude of heart-tipped arrows that dart around the field.
  • Hearts and Lasers: Lilith into the air and flies back and forth, shooting out hearts than float down to the floor while lasers are fired from the sky.
  • Heart Seekers: Lilith jumps into the air and flies in place, then shoots a multitude of heart-shaped bullets that go toward Erina, freeze in place, then go straight at her.
  • Heart Pulse: Lilith jumps into the air and flies in place, then fires rounds of bullets that span the whole field, expanding in a circular pattern.
  • Heart Paralysis: Lilith fires tosses three big hearts that land right on Erina. If a heart hit Erina, she'll be stunned, and Lilith will walk towards Erina. Right before Lilith gets to Erina, the screen goes black, and Lilith does something to Erina that causes Erina take a massive amount of damage.
  • Hearty Drizzle: Lilith flies upwards offscreen, then fires a multitude of beams that rian down on the ground in a zigzag-like fashion.
  • Hearty Downpour: Lilith fires a row of small red lasers from the sky.
  • Homing Heart Bomb: Lilith fires a heart that explodes into a multitude of smaller hearts that home in on Erina.
  • Heart Crosses: Lilith jumps into the air and flies in place, then fires hearts that shoot lasers in a cross shape.
  • Heart Storm: Lilith fires a beam of energy at the ground, then fires energy in a thunderbolt-like fashion.
  • Heartbreak: Lilith's desperation move. Lilith jumps into the center of the screen and flies in place. She fires a multitude of hearts that expand in a circular pattern, then lasers fire from either side of the field. The lasers leave behind bullets that split into two smaller bullets with wispy "tails" that flit about the field.
  • Heart Fountain: Lilith fires hearts into the air that explode into smaller hearts that fall down on ground in a fountain-like fashion.
  • Homing Heart Drizzle: Lilith jumps into the air and flies in place, then fires bullets similar to the ones from her Heart Drizzle attack. When they hit the ground, they jump up and slowly float about, then go straight at Erina.



  • Lilith is one of few bosses that feature of two-part battle, where her second half resembles more traditional bullet hell games.