Rabi-Ribi Wikia
Rabi Rabi's Only Merchant
First Appearance Chapter 1, Rabi Rabi Town
Species Human
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green

As owner of the Rabi Rabi store, Miriam seems to be the most mature out of everyone in town. She sells all kinds of strange tools, smiles all the time, and warmly welcomes every person who enters her store...



Miriam has very long, light blonde hair with a braid around her head layered over her bangs and long cowlick. She has friendly green eyes.

Normally, she wears a white dress with pale pink accents, a ribbon on the neck, and a frilly apron. She also pairs this with pale pink ribbon on each wrist, earrings, white tights, and Mary-Janes with an ankle ribbon.


A friendly and naive girl, she insists that Erina take anything she would want from her shop for free. She respects Erina's decision not to, but will occasionally force free items onto her.

Abilities and Powers[]

Miriam fights using the various items in the game itself, from the ones in her own shop, to the ones Erina finds in the overworld. Miriam uses the items to their most extreme extent, making her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


  • Quick Barette: Miriam goes to either side of the field and fires a multitude of blue bullets that travel offscreen.
  • Carrot Bombs: Miriam goes to either side of the field and summons carrots that appear from on top of the screen and explode when they hit the bottom on the screen.
  • Explode Staff:
  • The Book of Carrot:
  • Piko Hammer:
  • Charge Ring:
  • Cocoa Bomb:
  • Wall Jump:
  • Rumi Donut:
  • Chaos Rod:
  • Bunny Amulet: Rumi conjures apparitions of the inhabitants of Rabi Rabi Island one at a time; each one does an attack they did back in their own battles against Erina.
  • Soul Heart:
  • Bunny Whirl:
  • Air Jump:
  • Healing Staff:
  • Sliding Powder:
  • Hourglass:
  • Auto Earrings:
  • Rabi Slippers:
  • Nature Orb: