Rabi-Ribi Wikia
The Lively Fairy Seeking Freedom
First Appearance Prologue, Spectral Cave
Species Fairy
Hair Pink
Eyes Pink

Ribbon "Ribi" is the secondary heroine of Rabi Ribi. After running into Erina and confusing her for a monster, she becomes a means of support and requests her help save her friends.



Ribbon is a small fairy with lavender and blue pointed wings and pointed ears. Her slanted pink eyes match her long hair, which is worn in a pair of twin-tailed with gold bows. She has choppy bangs and forelocks.

Ribbon wears a blue top resembling ribbon wrapped around her chest and neck, held together by a circular clasp, along with a miniskirt resembling her wings.


Ribbon guides Erina to the extent of her abilities and is likely to chide her over trivial matters, such as her revealing clothing should Erina bring up her attire first. She also keeps her in check due to Erina's little understanding of human concepts.

She is small due to being a fairy and dislikes her size being brought up.




  • It's possible to encounter her before you get the hammer, which is normally used to fight her. If this happens, her health will inexplicably drain during the fight.
  • She only likes to be called Ribi by her friends.
  • Ribbon bares resemblance to Ribbon from Kirby 64, being a small pink-haired fairy who assists the main character.