Rabi-Ribi Wikia
The Sorceress of the Tundra
First Appearance Prologue, Rabi Rabi Ravine
Species Human
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue

Rita is Rumi's close friend and Saya's senior. She specializes in ice magic and maintains Rabi Rabi Island's barrier with Pandora and Ashuri.



Rita has long light blue hair worn loose with mostly straightened bangs and chest-length forelocks. She wears a blue ribbon on her head and a bow on each forelock. Her slanted, tired-looking eyes are blue.

She wears a pale blue swimsuit-like one piece with blue spaghetti straps and choker, matching her slip-on shoes. She also wears loose, pearl blue sleeves with blue detail and matching colored stockings.


Rita is a caring and considerate, wise person. She is also noted for being a heavy-sleeper, once saying she slept for twelve hours straight.


Abilities and Powers[]

Rita utilizes her mastery over ice magic when fighting, from assaulting her opponent with snowflakes to throwing kunais molded from shards of ice. Her only form of attack that isn't magic-related is her folding fan (which throws at her opponent for a quick, short-range attack), and a quick drop kick.


  • Snowflake Explosion: Rita throws five snowflakes in the air that explode into a barrage of bullets one by one.
  • Homing Ice: Rita hops into the air and shoots a mass of blue bullets that home in on Erina.
  • Snowflake Assault: Rita throws three rounds of snowflakes into the air at once. The first and third round home in on Erina, while the second round simply drops down to the ground.
  • Ice Kunais: Rita jumps into the air and throws shards of ice down at the ground.
  • Hailstorm: Rita runs to the center of the arena and fires two columns of blue energy downwards at either side of herself, then has them revolve around the arena.
  • Drop Kick: Rita jumps into the air and does a quick diagonal kick at the ground.
  • Snow Volcano: Rita makes the snow under Erina's feet "erupt" from the ground.
  • Triple Snow Volcano: The same attack as Snow Volcano, except Rita does it three times in a row.
  • Ice Pellets: Rita leaps across the arena, throwing small blue bullets into the air that land on the ground.
  • Blue Magic Circles: Rita summons four magic circles that each fire bullets in five directions.
  • Folding Fan: Rita flings a folding fan at Erina. The fan acts like a boomerang, as it quickly returns to Rita after she throws it.
  • Ice Grave: Rita's desperation move. Rita jumps into the air and creates a big blue ball of energy over her head. From the ball comes three rounds of bullets: the first two rounds home in on Erina, while the last one simply fires bullets is a set pattern that expands outward.



  • The author of the game has said that originally they could not think of why she would attack Erina, which is why they created the "bunny phenomenon".
  • Her desire seems to be partially based on a shrine maiden.