Rabi-Ribi Wikia
The Girl with No Presence
First Appearance Prologue, Rabi Rabi Ravine
Species Human
Hair Green
Eyes Gray

Rita's junior, Saya specializes in wind magic. She has almost no presence and is often forgotten by everyone.



Saya is a timid looking girl with sad gray eyes and short-medium green hair worn loose with a pair of tails held by yellow bows. Her bangs and forelocks frame her face with a wing clip on the side.

She wears a green mini-dress with a white jacket over it lined in orange to accent the ribbon on her chest. She also wears dark blue flats and white stockings.


Saya has a gloomy nature and she's very shy, so she usually keeps to herself; it doesn't help that to a lot of people she's invisible,

She deeply admires Rita to the point of secretly harboring feelings for her. She gets very happy when Rita acknowledges her.


Abilities and Powers[]

Saya relies on her mastery over wind magic to fight her opponents. True to her element, she mainly floats in the air and fires tornadoes and gusts around.


  • Tornado Frenzy: Saya conjures a multitude of tornadoes that cover the screen at random spots, then fly off screen.
  • Homing Gusts: Saya jumps in the air and floats about while throwing homing bullets at Erina, three at a time.
  • Circling Wind: Saya fires a laser that makes a half circle motion that creates multiple bullets that elongate and go off in random directions.
  • Blocks from Above: Saya summons blocks that fall from the sky and explode into swarms of bullets. Sometimes the blocks will stack on top of each other.
  • Violent Homing Gusts: The same attack as Homing Gusts, except Saya throws them four at a time.
  • Air Burst: Saya fires bursts of bullets that expand outward in a circle.
  • Jumping Air Burst: The same attack as Air Burst, except Saya does it at the peak of a high jump.
  • Towers from Above: Saya jumps off-screen and drops blocks that stack all the way up to the top of the screen on either side of Erina, then fires two lasers that ricochet off the sides of the stacks.
  • Floating Air Burst: The same attack as Air Burst, except Saya does it whilst floating about in the air.
  • Tornado Party: Saya jumps into the air and floats about as she conjures tornadoes that jut out the ground and does an attack similar to Air Burst, except the bullets expand outward in a semicircle.
  • Children of the Wind: Saya backs into a corner and conjures bullets that fly up and off to either side of the screen, firing bullets all the while.
  • Magic Tempests: Saya jumps into the air, makes a forcefield around herself, and floats about as two magic circles on the top and bottom of the screen fire lasers in four directions and spin around with them.
  • Elegant Typhoon: Saya's desperation move. She jumps into the air and floats in place, then fires multiple rounds of lasers.



  • One of her earlier attacks may be a reference to Airman's attacks from the second Mega Man game.