Rabi-Ribi Wikia
The Oblivious Underwater Singer
First Appearance Chapter 3
Species Human
Hair Turquoise
Eyes Red

This underwater girl with dreams to become a singer built her own studio underwater just for singing. Her voice isn't bad, but she gets lost in her performance and inflicts massive damage on her audiences. She needs the water for her skin and body to stay young.



Seana has sad maroon eyes and long turquoise hair worn in twin drills held by gold ribbon.Her thick bangs and forelocks frame her face.

Normally she wears a white and turquoise striped bikini with a translucent, sleeveless vest or jacket over it, and a blue and gold collar to match her arm accessories on her arms and left thigh. Her blue Mary-Jane's are worn with a single stocking that matches her single sleeve, worn on the opposite side of her body. She has pink flowers on her ankle straps and bracelet.


Seana dislikes it when her performances get interrupted and she's unaware of how dangerous they can be. Due to being exposed to the water for so long, she has a fear of leaving it initially.


Powers and Abilities[]

Seana specializes in water magic, from firing bubbles to shooting out powerful geysers. Due to her battlefield being underwater, her mobility is quite slow. But she uses her environment to her advantages by making incredibly high leaps in the water, and using the slow descents to the bottom of the field as a chance to fire all kinds of assortments of magic.

  • Homing Bubbles: Seana fires bubbles that follow Erina around the field until they pop.
  • Sea Stars: Seana fires a multitude of blue stars above her that float in place and then quickly scatter around the field.
  • Heartful Shot: Seana shoots purple bullets that travel from her to the ends of the screen. The bullets "bounce" off the ground, the trails they create making the shapes of hearts.
  • Homing Geysers: Seana fires bluish-white wisps that fly off-screen and then fall down, forcing Erina to dodge them.
  • Rising Streams: Seana fires two beams of energy from either of her hands at the ground, than raises them to the tops of the sides of the field.
  • Bubble Beams: Seana jumps high and slowly descends to the bottom of the field. As she descends, she floats from left to right, planting bullets that fire beams in four directions simultaneously along with continuous rounds of three blue donut-shaped bullets.
  • Pink Plankton: Seana jumps high and descends to the bottom of the field. As she descends, she fires a multitude of pink donut-shaped bullets with wispy, pinkish-white "tails" at whatever side of the field Erina's on.
  • Pulsating Bubbles: Seana fires big blue pulsating bullets that dart around the field, following Erina, that explode in a multitude of smaller bullets in a circular pattern.
  • Water Hazard: Seana's desperation move. Seana goes to the middle of the field, jumps up high and floats in place. She fires four streams of water that perpetually revolve and go from dim to bright; when they're dim, Erina can pass through them, but when they're bright, she'll get hurt if she touches them. While this is happening, Seana also fires stars that scatter around the field. Later on, two blue lines will appear on either side of Seana, then big lasers will be fired from the ceiling where the lines are.
  • Bubbles and Stars: Seana jumps up high and slowly descends to the ground. As she descends, she floats from left to right, fling blue bullets that fall to the ground and stars that remain high in the water. Once Seana touches the floor, the stars above fall to the ground.
  • Bouncing Hearts: Seana fires heart-shaped bullets that bounce around the field.
  • Bubbles and Lasers: Seana goes to the middle of the field, jumps up high and floats in place. She fires a multitude of blue bullets that expand in a circular fashion white big lasers are fired from the ceiling.
  • Sand Dollars: Seana fires a few bullets that dart around for a bit before dissipating.
  • Blue Plankton: Seana summons bullets similar to the ones from her Pink Plankton attack than fall from the top of the field.