The first area Erina and Ribbon set off in, the Starting Forest is crawling with low-level enemies suited for learning the basics of Rabi-Ribi.

Starting Forest
Starting Forest
Southern Woodland
Bosses Cocoa (First Stage)
Items Piko Hammer, Carrot Bomb, Light Orb
Badges Mana Wager, DEF Trade

Aruraune's Grove Edit

A region to the north-west of the main Starting Forest area, it is best accessed once Erina has a mobility item or two.

Aruraunes Grove

Bosses: Aruraune

Items: Nature Orb

Badges: Toxic Strike

Plurkwood Edit

Another region in the Starting Forest, Plurkwood is accessed by a unique teleporter in Aruraune's Grove.


Bosses: Keke Bunny, Twin Plurk Cats

Items: P Hairpin

Badges: N/A

Forgotten Cave I Edit

Beneath the Starting Forest lies a series of caves containing various items.

Forgotten Cave I

Bosses: Cocoa (First Stage)

Items: Charge Ring

Badges: N/A

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